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Care For Your Footwear

How To Care For & Maintain Your Footwear ....

Remember to clean, condition and protect your shoes regularly using the appropriate product. This will keep your footwear looking smart, while also prolonging it's life and durability. Regularly polish leather footwear for best results.

Always make sure you are using the appropriate / proper shoe care product for your footwear.

Test any care product in an inconspicuous area first, and then follow any instructions .

Top 10 Tips ....

  • Never machine wash your shoes, unless clear instructions are provided. Heat, detergents or abrasives will all damage footwear.
  • None of our footwear is waterproof unless clearly stated on the product. Clip toe nails regularly to avoid cutting any waterproof lining. Regular use of appropriate proofer and waxing oil will enhance water resistance.  In Ireland, wellingtons are best to keep feet dry.  
  • If your shoes do get saturated let them dry naturally (stuffing with newspaper can help them keep their shape). Avoid always, any artificial heat or direct heat at all costs.
  • Regular use of Shoe Trees is best to keep shape in your footwear, when not in wear. Cedar Wood is best, as it also wicks away moisture.
  • Most heel tips, leather soles and insocks can be replaced to prolong the life of your footwear. Visit your cobbler in good time.
  • Alternate your footwear to allow your favourite pair time to breathe, and rest a little, between wears. This will prolong footwear life.
  • Heavily dyed leather uppers are not colourfast, and some dye transfer may occur, particularly on light coloured socks or stockings.
  • New shoes always need "breaking in", even the softest. Short spells of wear in the beginning are best, without going all day long, for a good few wears.
  • Never use sharp objects on or near your shoes.
  • Avoid wearing leather soles in wet conditions. Best worn in dry conditions.


Just like your own skin needs moisturising, leather needs some love and care too. You can protect them from the odd unexpected shower and stains with a water resistant protector spray. Also, keep uppers supple, and buff away scuffs and scrapes with a coloured wax polish, clear dubbin or conditioning cream. Polish leather shoes regularly for best results.

Coated Leather

Often coated and waxy leathers will appear marked, fear not! This is just the natural variations in the material and can often disappear if you gently rub the area with a clean thumb to redistribute the waxy coating. You can also top up waxy or oily finishes by buffing the uppers with a clear dubbin, or waxed oiled leather conditioner.


Whether your shiny new shoes are made with patent leather or glossy man made material, they can be taken care of with a wipe from a clean damp cloth to get rid of any dirt. Try buffing with a clean dry cloth and patent restorer, to enhance that shine.

Suede and Nubuck

These luxurious materials will need some extra care and attention. Look after your suede and nubuck shoes with a water resistant protector/conditioner spray, and clean gently with a suede cleaning block.


Soft and versatile, fabric shoes can be cleaned with a foam cleaner, but be careful and remember to treat them as well as you would your feet.

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